Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Kitchen lighting - pendants that blend with the outside view

A pretty pendant (or multiple) over an island or sink can definitely add style to any kitchen, but what if you are blessed with a pretty view to the outside? would a pendant light over the sink or island block that view? it might. so how do you handle this situation?

Glass pendants and lanterns are visually light and airy, and blend in with the outdoor when hung in front of a window. like this pendant from pottery barn. It simply blends in with the view through the large bay window to the garden.

white kitchen, marble on bay window seal, glass pendant over sink by Vered Rosen Design
 pottery barn rustic glass pendant over the sink blends in with outside view
 West elm's industrial pendant looks more sleek and contemporary

                                    Industrial Pendant – Glass

This chrome-capped bulb reflects light back towards the fixture, eliminating the blinding bright hot spot of standard clear bulbs


West elm's cluster glass can work with different styles

                                         Room View

Shades of light have some beautiful choices such as this one which I saw at a friends house over an island (she had two of them)

  capri one light , home decorators

       This one comes in green, blue and clear.

                            Colored Seeded Glass Pendants (3 colors!)

For a more traditional or oriental  look, Ballard design's marakesh melon pendant combines glass and iron which adds definition and sharpness to the shape of the glass.

   pretty light
marakesh melon pendant

It's important to understand the draw backs of those pretty glass pendants:
1. They glare, so use a low wattage bulb or keep them on a dimmer and don't buy one if  any kind of glare really bothers you.
2. Wattage - since the bulb is seen through the glass pendant, you would most likely keep the wattage low so don't expect a lot of light from those pretty lamps.
2. Mounting height - mount them higher than eye level (consider the tallest person in the house, just like you would with placing a mirror...)

Chandeliers also have that light and airy look
                                                   Circa Lighting



West elm's capiz chandelier is airy and light without the glare of clear glass

                              Pinned Image

                              Pinned Image

Another way to avoid blocking views with a pendant is by either mounting them high enough or by choosing a flush mount fixture.


Pinned Image
Wilamette 6 Schoolhouse Pendant Light Schoolhouse  

Pinned Image

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