Thursday, January 31, 2013



The staircase - a perfect spot for family photos (before & after)

I recently helped a client redo her staircase and foyer area. 
First we painted the walls a greenish gray (sculptors clay UL170-9 Behr), replaced the staircase runner, got a new pair of curtains for the window at the top of the stairs, and finally, we hang a gallery of family photographs.
A gallery of family photographs is not only interesting visually, but also gives you a chance to reminisce and celebrate life every time you use the stairs.
Hanging those photographs took a while because we needed to plan first. We layed the framed photos on the floor to see how they would look and then started hanging them one by one, starting at the bottom of the stairs, going up. We used painters tape to help us with mark the border of the gallery.
We decided to use mostly black and white photos but different frames and sizes for a more casual look, like this one below


Here's how we hang the pictures: We first marked where the central set of pictures will go, hang them and then placed the other ones over and under them. The illustration below shows this method:

Here is the staircase before...


And after...



Are there any other spots in your home that you used to showcase your family photos? please share.

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