Friday, June 22, 2012

Choosing the Right Color - Ugly and Pretty Cost the Same


Should you consider hiring an interior designer? is that extra expense worth it?
Let's look at the cost of a simple project such as painting the walls and trim (the trim usually doubles the cost of painting): Hiring a painter would be your major cost (unless you plan to DIY). What about hiring a designer for a color consultation? that is often an expense many people skip, even though a color consultation would only costs an hour's consultation, which is closer to what you'd pay for the paint than what you'll pay the painter, and certainly more than cover any repainting if you chose the wrong color. 
Out of the thousands of color choices you have to choose from you, without any experience or knowledge, you're likely to choose a color you might absolutely hate after it's on the wall. With paint, the saying "ugly costs the same as pretty" could not be more true.
Even if you're painting yourself: is the time you spend, countless samples and running back and forth to the paint shop, let alone all that stress worth it? 
Hiring a professional designer that you feel good working with, can save you money, time and make you happy with the results. 
A common misconception is that only the very wealthy can afford to hire an interior designer. 
Is that true?
Depending on who you hire, what kind help you need and your budget, even a single consulting with a designer can open your eyes to new ideas you haven't thought about. Working closely with a designer that understands your needs can transform a project from daunting and aggravating to a fun smooth project with great results.

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