Tuesday, January 29, 2013

One little trick that will make your small room seem bigger


one little trick that will make your small room seem bigger

The Internet is full of great ideas about how to trick the eye and make a small room seem bigger, so instead of repeating what others have already shared, I will focus on one idea that's not very obvious: 
Paint your walls the same (or similar) color as your flooring . This can work if your flooring is carpeted, tiled or it's a fairly light wood flooring (stained or painted). Even a large area rug that fills up most of the flooring space, will do.
The reason this "trick" works is this: our eyes normally perceive a room as a 3d "box". Therfore, if the walls and the flooring share a similar color, it will be more difficult for us to define where does the floor end, and where do the walls start. The boundaries between the vertical (walls) and horizontal (floor) planes are dissolved, and we then assume that the floor is larger then it actually is, and that "box" seems larger.
Below are some pictures that demonstrate this.


Teenage Girl Bedroom Design, Pictures, Remodel, Decor and Ideas - page 3

love this home office! modern home office by Incorporated from houzz.com
lcool soft interiors

A pretty white bathroom

Tracery Interiors


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