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White Kitchens


White Cabinet Kitchens
7 reasons to choose white 
I love white kitchens. Fresh, clean and bright, they are timeless. Depending on how you design your kitchen and the choices  your pick for the counter top, flooring, lighting, wall color or tile, you can create an energizing and uplifting  white kitchen or a warm and calming one.
  • Clean and bright – white reflects light, and the kitchen is where ample lighting is needed: for cooking, cleaning, eating, even reading or writing. 
  • Timeless - white kitchens have been in style for a long time and will continue to be. Unlike oak (80’s) or espresso (90’s) cabinets, white cabinets are classic and ageless. 
  • You are least likely to get tired of white cabinets - let’s face it: kitchen remodeling is expensive, and involves making choices you’ll most likely have to live with for a VERY long time. Every time you walk into your newly renovated kitchen, you will either love it, hate it or get used to it. So don’t take big aesthetic risks with this kind of a project, and go with the “tried and true.” You can still give a personal touch to any kitchen (I will discuss this topic in a separate post). 
  • White complements wood flooring beautifully – white (or even gray) painted cabinets work beautifully with wood flooring. In contrast, pairing stained wood cabinets with wood flooring often lacks contrast, spark and interest. Simply put, it’s too much of the same. A note about flooring: a continuous “single flooring type” look (preferably wood) creates a sense of spaciousness and positive flow, especially in small spaces. Installing two different types of flooring in and outside of the kitchen may look “choppy”.
  • White makes the other choices easier– White works extremely well with white, black and gray, but if your cabinets are custom built, you can pick a creamier shade to match a granite or quartz counter top with warmer undertones. 
  • Versatile in terms of style - white kitchens can be modern, country, sleek or traditional, depending on the style of the cabinets, and the other visual components in your kitchen (lighting, counter top, tile and accessories). 
  • White is a great background for color – if you like vivid colors, you can easily introduce them in a white kitchen with paint, furniture, tile, lighting, window treatments or open shelf displays. Introducing color in an all white kitchen creates depth and definition. 

image from apartment therapy

One last note: white kitchens may be a great choice for many people, but might not appeal to you personally. If you’re planning on renovating your kitchen, but aren’t.sure what your style is ,I would suggest flipping through magazines, collecting pictures of kitchens that you love (and others that you don’t). Make a mental note of your friends’ kitchens you love. 



Once you’ve collected enough pictures, look for trends – do you prefer stained wood or painted (white/gray)? Look for color preferences and style (traditional, contemporary, rustic, country etc.). Sometimes elimination works best to narrow down choices, so don’t forget to flip through the “hate those kitchens” pile.

As with any major renovating project, getting help from a professional can save you money, time and a lot of stress. 

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Not a cookie cutter white kitchen

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  1. I agree to some degree with white being classic and adding colour via kitchen bling but to be honest a white kitchen can be boring and it is far better to be a little out there than playing it safe. Besides we can't all be the same can we?

  2. Thanks for your comment. I just posted a posting that directly relates to ways to avoid the "boring white kitchen" look.
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