Wednesday, January 25, 2012

When you just can't find the right color

When you just can’t find the right color

When you just can’t find the right paint color that will help tie that room together, ask yourself why? 

You might need to step back a little, and play a little game I call  “what’s the odd object?”. Is it that mauve carpet that doesn’t match anything in that room? Or the dark green sofa that doesn’t “talk” to any color unless it’s green or white?

If you find yourself thinking something like: "if some way, somehow, this ONE odd item would somehow disappear... it would be SO much easier for me to find a paint color that would tie this room together", 

you are probably right. 

In one of my visits to Home Depot to get color samples (Home Depot will match any paint color sample from any company for about $3), I noticed a woman looking extremely stressed and frustrated standing in front of the color chip wall, a rainbow of color chips in her hand. It was clear that she was having a hard time finding the right color, so I decided to help her out. 

As we started discussing her living room situation, I asked her what else was in it aside from that lovely bright apple green contemporary sofa (she brought in one of the pillow seats). When she showed me a picture of her living room, I instantly saw what was causing her such anguish and distress.

It was a gloomy looking, oversized chair, upholstered with a dark and depressing multicolored fabric, placed right next to the sofa. That chair had absolutely NOTHING in common with that cheerful green sofa, nor with anything else in that room - color or style wise. This sad looking chair looked ever gloomier next to the cheerful bright modern sofa! One of them had to go. It was clear to me, anyways, which one it would be.

The funny thing is that when I told her my diagnosis, and why I thought it would be impossible to find a color that would be able to tie it all together, her face suddenly lit up. She was clearly relieved: “now I understand why it was so hard for me to find the right color. It’s not me, it’s that awful chair! I never liked it anyway”. Now, armed with a professional diagnosis she knew what to do: that chair was on its way out, and going. far…FAR...away! 

If you seem to get  "color chip vertigo" every time you are trying to choose a paint color, 
or simply wish you could get it right the first time, contact me,

have a colorful wonderful day,


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