Thursday, April 26, 2012

Coolest looking cooking hoods


Remember the days when the only refrigerators you could purchase were big ugly white boxy looking appliances? These days are over. Nowadays your choices are much better looking: stainless steel, built in refrigerators and, best of all, paneled counter top depth ones, which basically look like another cabinet. 
The story behind these paneled built in refrigerators is interesting - it all started in the late 50's, in Madison Wisconsin, when a well-to-do lady decided she did not want a big ugly refrigerator in her kitchen. So she contact the people at sub-zero and asked if they could custom design a nicer looking built in refrigerator for her, an they did. The rest is history.

Now it looks like cooking hoods are changing their look too, and it's easy to see why. With cook tops installed on kitchen islands, the necessary ventilating hood over the island often blocks a pretty view or simply looks too big and bulky. 

See how this hood hides the beautiful view from the windows? 
I found some more stylish options of hoods that don't really look like hoods, but more like cool pendant lamps. 
Victoria hood by Elica

A combination of stainless steel and glass, this stylish contemporary hood is from Elica, a British company.T Elica has a collection of cool and sleek looking hoods which were all photographed to look as sleek and contemporary as possible, but I think they could also look beautiful in a softer, more cheerful kitchen. 
Here are two pictures of the Star cooker hood by Elic,. One from their website and the other from Houzz

Star cooker hood by elica

star cooker hood by Elica

Wave cooker Hood

If you prefer not see the hood when you don't you it, here's the hood of your dreams: Renaissance epicure raised vent. It's retractable: you can pull it up when you need ventilation, and retract it down when you don't. Very cool!

Renaissance epicure raised vent

Have you seen any other interesting looking hoods? please share.




  1. these are so cool! My mother in law has the pop up kind, which I think is incredibly practical. I also still love a bold, traditional hood. One of my favorites is the one from my client Edie's kitchen. So shapely!:

    I am enjoying reading your posts, Vered!

    1. Thanks for reading. I'm enjoying yours too! the black and whites you posted are not cold, but rather elegant and stylish.

  2. Lovely kitchen, it looks brilliant.