Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Easy DIY - Salvaging a mirror with a can of metalic gold spray

Salvaging a mirror with a can of spray 
Yes, this isn't a new idea, but it might come handy when your online purchase of a mirror that looked really different on the screen arrives, and you are cranky because you don't like the finish. "It looked so different on the screen!" you whine. Spray painting is easier then you might think. I even shared the nice, antiqued gold finish spray can I used for my mirror.
When the mirror I purchased online from home decorators (for only $53) arrived, I knew that I still liked the shape of it, but the actual finish was totally different then their online picture.So after a "lived" with it for a short while, and stil didn't like it, I just went out bought a can of American accent metalic gold spray paint , placed the mirror on a few sheets of newspaper  (outside on the walkway) and spray painted it about three times, until the whole mirror looked evenly colored. I chose that specific brand of spray because it wasn't a shiny gold and it was appropriate for metal surfaces. The whole process took less then half an hour!
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Can you share any of your own "spray can" easy projects that worked out well?


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