Wednesday, March 27, 2013


A healthy does of white  - bright colors look best when surrounded by lots of white (or certain grays). Call it ying-yang or energetic vs. static, but this rule is probably the most important to remember when working with bright color schemes. Take a look at professionally designed interiors in magazines, and notice how bright colors are usually surrounded by white, gray or some neutral element like wood or sisal.
Here are some examples;

Why are neutral sisal and jute rugs so popular today? yes, they fit in with the eco green trend, but they also serve as a perfect backdrop to color.

This color scheme plays with lime green and watermelon calmed by lots of white.  The lighthearted floral in the near chairs is charming and the bold color is carried to the far end of the room.
sisal rugs are natural and neutral (perfect backdrop to color pop)

Lots of natural light - yes, I know. EVERY interior looks best in ample lighting, preferably natural, but this is especially true for rooms painted in white or light gray, as a back drop for pops of color in furniture and accessories, especially ones with blue-green color palette.
Bright colors need a healthy dose of white around them and bright natural light

A little goes a long way - unlike earth tones or neutrals, bright colors are really intense and very dominant, so a little goes a long way: the impact of a few bright colored pillows, a colorful lamp base and a bright colored side chair can be just enough to jazz up a room. All the rest can be kept neutral. An accent wall is not for every room, but it allows you to bring in a brighter color without overpowering the whole space.

Stick to a color scheme that works - Play it safe with tried and true color schemes such as blues and greens. 

Vered Rosen Design

pattern vs. solid- the above suggestion of " a little goes a long way" is even more important to remember if you are using pattern. 
The brightly patterned pillow on the right is bolder than the solid one the left.
Cabana Geometric Pillow - Cobalt

Avoid mixing very bright colors with muted earth tone colors - I discussed this in another post, but in short, earth colors like browns, ambers and lots of beiges will look "dirty" next to bright "clean" colors.

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