Monday, May 6, 2013


I recently had a color consultation with a client that got "stuck" in the process of trying to choose the "right" paint color for her dining room, as well as other small projects.
As I walked through her door, I noticed two things: She was a lovely lady who was clearly into color. REAL color. Her love for jewel tones was clear both in her decor choices and the way she likes to dress. and but with regard to her dining room, she was ready for something bold.

Jewel tones
The dining room was one of the rooms she had trouble finding the right color for. The current mustard yellow did not appeal to her. I could clearly see her favorite colors simply from looking at the paint swatches on the walls, as well as the carpet, artwork and chairs. Jewel tones were clearly her favorite.
I explained to her that it's impossible to get a true sense of how a particular paint color would look if you only painted a small area and it's over an existing color, since we always see color in comparison to other colors. That's why we used my large 11x14 color boards against a white background to start the process of finding the right color. 
Moving the large samples around in the room (close to the rug, the chairs) helped see which color would match best.
We ended up choosing a cranberry/wine hue that worked out really well. It complemented the red, purple and other jewel tones in the room and made the artwork stand out. My client says it feels warm but not suffocating, which is exactly waht she wanted.
Even though we started out with a Benjamine moore color, we realized the home depot sample did not match the original Ben Moore color. However, it turned out that the "mistake" looked better then the original true color, so we simply scaled it up to a gallon of paint.
It ended up being a "happy mistake"




 Here's what my client reaction was:
"The color is fabulous. I think it came out just GREAT. We just put the rug back down and some of the art. I'm leaving the blinds 1/2 open so there's much more light in the room and the rug stands out nicely. The Home Depot color ended up
to be a "happy accident"


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