Thursday, January 8, 2015

Inspirational bathrooms I love

Starting with this post, I will begin sharing bathroom photos I've collected over time and found to be inspirational in one or more ways. Each one of these bathrooms has at least one idea you might be able to "steal" for your own project. 

This is the first photo of a beautiful, luxurious white and gray marbled bathroom.

Photo: Erica George Dines
Why is this luxurious master bathroom so appealing?
symmetry - symmetry is always pleasing to the eye. It gives us a sense of order. In this bathroom symmetry is everywhere: 
1. The large beautiful window is centered in the arched niech.
2. The free standing tub is centered under the window
3. Symmetrically centered two wall niches with two identical wall sconces.
Emphasized architecture - everything in this bathroom works to emphasis the architecture of the room - for example, the tiled arch and surrounding wall tiles around the window emphasize the shape of the arch and window.
Tiled mosaic "area rug" - I love this application. In this bathroom, the centered tiled floor mosaic looks almost like an area rug, surrounded by large marble tiles. This application also emphasizes the room's symmetry and gives the floor a unique definition.
Color scheme - white, gray and black is a classic combination. 
Texture - The key to creating white bathrooms look interesting and inviting is texture. A variety of tile sizes and patterns in white and gray, as well as the right wall color make this bathroom look interesting, unified but not stark.
Free standing tub - this bathroom says "luxury" not only because of the high ceiling, expansive windows, arched niech, and the uncompromising symmetry, but also because of that beautiful free standing bathtub, centered right under the huge window.

Below is a photo of the same bathroom from a different angle. Here's an example of a really cool application of mirrors
Mirrored niech - In this particular bathroom, placing a mirror in the niech, not only defines the niech, but also reflects in light and views from the adjacent windows in day light. At night, it visually "doubles" the wall sconces.

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