Saturday, January 17, 2015

How to make your bathroom look less like a bathroom

What I like about this bathroom below is that it feels more like a room than a bathroom. 


Why? because it incorporates pieces and applications that are more likely to be seen in a room that is not a bathroom, such as
1. side table  - more likely to be in living rooms, but certainly comes in handy when you need to place your clean clothes or even a glass of wine or cup of tea while you bath.
2. wall paper - full bathrooms are seldom wall papered because of obvious reasons (moisture), but when installed professionally and on walls that are not in direct contact with water, wall paper is a great way bring in color, pattern or texture. 
3. Art - for obvious reasons (moisture exposure), art is seldom seen in a bathroom, but when it does, it's a pleasant surprise. I would not use anything that is valuable, but cheap colorful art is definitely an option.
4. Built in bench  with a cushion - such a cool idea for a bathroom to have a cushioned seat. 

If you'd like to warm up your bathroom and personalize it - bring in elements that are more likely to be seen in other rooms: furniture, wall paper, fabric window treatments, art etc. Just make sure that these pieces can are moisture resistant or are at least not extremely valuable to you in case they absorb the moisture and deteriorate over time.

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