Friday, April 21, 2017

Where to find color inspiration for a design project

It's no secret that behind a beautifully designed room there's a carefully chosen color scheme, even when it's predominantly neutral.
Color preferences are very personal, as are color combinations. Some people love bold colors, while others cannot tolerate more then the occasional "pop" of color. Here are some ideas to consider when selecting a color scheme for a room or a home:

1. Mood - Color affects mood and ambiance, so determining how you'd like the room to make you feel can help narrow down the color scheme. Soft hues and little contrast create a completely different atmosphere then bold, complementary hues and a high contrast.
2. Cool vs. warm - most of us tend to gravitate towards cool colors (blues and greens) or warm hues (red, oranges and yellows), though some like to mix them up. In each scenario, it's always a good idea to mix in a bit of the complementary hue, especially if the room looks too static.
3. Neutral or "real" color - you may choose to use a mix of mainly neutrals, and avoid bold colors all together, in which case mixing cool and warm neutrals hues can help create a more rich, sophisticated look the working with either warm or cool neutrals

Finding color inspiration:
You can find inspiration for your project in many sources. Photos of interiors from magazines or online sources, art, fabric, pillows, accessories. Anything visual can be a source of inspiration, as long as it has a combination of colors you love. 
Here's an example
A cheerful and fresh color combination that looks great with white or gray walls is this one below.


Here's the color palette:

Now that you have a color palette, you can create room like this one:


or this one:


Or this one


enjoy spring!

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