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One single tip for choosing dining room chairs for round tables. That's it.

A rectangle or square dining table can work well with both straight back chairs, or curved back, as long as the straight line of the table are echoed in the chairs. 

A round dining table, on the other hand, works best with curved back chairs, because it follows the curved line of the table. The curved back can be subtle or pronounced, depending on the style you like, size of table and how much free space around the table you have.

North Andover - contemporary - dining room - boston - Ana Donohue Interiors

A straight back chair could still work with a round table, if the arms are curved, like in the picture below:


See how the table and chair arrangement in the photo below don't work as well as the round back ones?

                                             City Home - transitional - dining room - toronto - Jennifer Worts Design

The exception to the rule above is when the chairs are not as visually pronounced, and almost "fade into the background" like in the picture below: see how the white chairs have a very slight curvature to their back, and the almost fade into the white walls 

                                    Dining Room Design Ideas, Pictures, Remodels and Decor

So what's your take on this? please share
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