Monday, November 25, 2013

Flower arrangements for thanksgiving (or any other festive event)

Yes, I know I've already posted lots of ideas for your thanksgiving table decorations, but I cant resist adding even more... Below are some flower arrangement ideas. All are simple and easy to create. However, repetition is crucial to the success of a simple idea, so pick out an idea or two from below and repeat the theme a few times along your table. "Variations on the theme" are welcome (different height containers, different flower colors etc.), but keeping a common theme will make it look cohesive.

Pick out some glass containers with varying heights, fill them with green apples and place some white and green hydrangeas on top.

ciao! newport beach: autumn dinner party ideas & decor
glass hurricane vases with apples and hydrangeas

Or do the same but with chestnuts and flowers of your choice.

Easy Fall Arrangement
gourds as flower vases

Butternut Squash Centerpiece
butternut squash as a flower vase
Your vases don't match? Forgot to get glass vases? here's an original idea - use peppers for flower arrangements. My guess though is you have to a "last minute" kind of person, because these arrangements won't hold for long. Also, you would probably need to place something heavy inside them so they don't tip over.

Flower Arrangement with Bell Peppers
very original - using peppers for flower arranegements
Simple glass jars and bottles (remember to play with different heights) with bright colored pink and purple single flowers pair well with a neutral linen table cloth.

#dahlias in little #jars - #pretty

No need to run to the art store to fill us your glass vases. You might find something in your pantry that will work just as well, and even better. see the example below. so pretty! 

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simple and pretty - sliced lime as a "filler" for glass vases
Fall leaves on branches are not flowers, but can be just as colorful.

Fall Branches in Vase

Let us all be thankful for what we already have...not only on Thanksgiving, but even more so on the day AFTER Thanksgiving...:)

be thankful!

Happy thanksgiving



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