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More design ideas for your thanksgiving table decor


More design ideas for your thanks giving table
It's that time of the year, when the days are getting shorter and shorter, so candles are a great way to spark up your table. 
Here are some cool and unique ideas for candle holders and candle decoration. Get some glass containers and candles. stick with the same color for the candles, preferably a contrasting color to your table cloth. Fill up the glass container with anything from corn kernels, to lentils, chestnut and cranberries, and you've got a pretty display. Remember - repetition is a very effective design trick, so no need to do it all. pick one or two ideas and that's it.

1. Tea lights embedded in grains. Dried corn kernels, beans, lentils, rice can all work because the colors are fall colors.

Super cute  for Thanks Giving table setting!
Tea lights embedded in corn kernels

ciao! newport beach: autumn dinner party ideas & decor
candles in glass filled with grains

fill up a glass container with chestnuts and a candle

2. Mixing candles - same color, but different sizes and heights works well. Mix in some fruit, branches or gourds and you've got a beautiful center piece.

beautiful table
tall, short, fat and skinny candles, on a reclaimed wood, surrounded by fruits and leaves

same candles, different glass containers, plus fall leaves and gourds

If you're worried that someone will knock those candles, fill a wooden box with candles. Add natural decor around the candles (branches, gourds, etc.) for a festive but safer decoration (see below).

Fall Table Centerpiece - made from old fence boards and filled with candles, pumpkins and gourds.

3. Simple and cheap  idea - glass hurricane vases wrapped in layers of tissue paper for a soft, glowing effect.

hurricane vases are wrapped in layers of tissue paper for a soft, glowing effect.

3. Cranberries - fill a jar or glass bowl with cranberries, with or without water, and float some tea candles over them. For a Christmas dinner party, add some greenery and a white table cloth.



4. Instead of filling up a glass jar, you can also wrap something around it.


Need more ideas? in the next post will show you some cool flower displays.
Happy decorating

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