Friday, May 18, 2012

Home owners choose to renovate for themselves not the next home owner


A recent survey done by HOUZZ showed that Americans would rather renovate or decorate to fit their own needs rather than to increase their home’s value, and ultimately make a profit when they sell. 

Home owners are focused on pleasing themselves, not the next home owner.
The main drivers for renovating are:
  1. Improving the look and feel of the house (84%)
  2. Making the space more functional (70%)
Financing - Even though 72% of home owners plan to renovate or decorate in the next two years, they are not planning to take a home loan or mortgage. Their plan is to cut back on other dispensable expenses like vacations or do some of the work themselves.

Most popular renovating projects are kitchens (45%) and baths (48%). This is very interesting because kitchen and bath remodels are also typically the most expensive home improvement projects. However, over the years the kitchen has become the heart of the home, a place where we cook, clean, eat, work, do homework and even watching TV. A beautiful, well functioning kitchen can make a huge difference.

What about the bathroom? After all, we don’t spend too much time in the bathroom do we? and still, it become a priority to renovate. Why? Bathrooms (and kitchens), unlike other rooms, consist mainly of fixed fixtures (bathtub, sink, toilette, tile) that are very expensive to replace. Typically, when we decide to launch on a home improvement project, we’d probably start with the “easy” stuff: painting, replacing furniture, window treatments, etc. This way we keep improving our living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms etc, and the high ticket items (kitchen and bath) and left behind, and look even more dated next to the rest of the house.

Perhaps since more people are deciding to “stay put” in their current homes, putting off that kitchen or bathroom renovation is no longer a great option. Deciding to stay put also means that WE will be the ones enjoying our fresh new bathroom and kitchens and NOT the next home owner.

kitchen lights that blend in with the view
not a cookie cutter white kitchen
white kitchens
choosing the right lighting can do wonders
creating atmosphere
Staying put
choosing the right color - ugly and pretty cost the same!

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