Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Living room seating arrangements -furniture layout ideas

Flipping through magazines and internet images I noticed that a common living room furniture arrangement for smaller sized living rooms consists of a sofa plus two chairs, usually at an angle, like this one below:




The reason this is such a popular seating arrangement, especially in smaller spaces, is that it is probably the best "conversation" arrangement: everyone is facing each other and don't need to "twist and turn" like they do in the L shaped sofa + love seat combo we've all seen before.
The sofa + angles 2 chairs arrangement lets everyone get easy access to the coffee table which, along with a rug anchors the whole arrangement.

What about the "matchy-matchy" look? you can ahrdly find that one in any of the best design magazines. The sofa doesn't have to match the chairs, but having identical chairs is best. It's creates a balanced look, and by using different pillows on each will give just the right dose of asymmetry and visual interest.

It's also more common to find lighter looking chairs (with legs, sometimes skinny and tall) in this seating arrangement rather than heavy boxy ones. The lighter chairs simply look much better at an angle.

What about other seating arrangements?
Here are a few options for a small to medium sized living room:


For a larger living room, a sofa, love seat and 2 chairs would be a good arrangement. The idea is to create an intimate arrangement that feels contained in one area so people can talk and have a place to put a drink, plate or a book.

Illustration by Vered Rosen


If you'd are not sure which seating arrangement would work best in your own living room, consult an interior designer. The location of high traffic, architectural features such as a fire place or windows, as well as the size of your furniture and your lifestyle should all be considered.

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