Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The most cost effective way to get design help while you shop


The most cost effective way to get design help while you shop

Think interior design consultation is not in your budget? think twice. 
With smart phones and tablets ,you can  get instant help in any store while you shop, and it's much more affordable then you might think.

Let's say you're shopping for a table lamp in a store like Target. Sounds simple, right? Well... for some of you it may be that way. Maybe you have that natural visual talent or perhaps you simply don't care enough about style and color as long as that lamp works.
However, you can be extremely visually sensitive, and yet have great difficulties making decor decisions. You seem to get easily confused, overwhelmed and unclear about how to shop for home furnishings. So here's an idea of how to get the help you need from an experienced designer in a more cost-effective way.

The secret is using your smartphone or ipad/tablet to communicate with a designer while you shop, and get instant help. Here's how I do it with my clients:
Last weekend I helped a client match a lamp base to a lamp shade without leaving my home. It took us less then 20 minutes to find the right lamp base simply because we communicated through texting.

I had previously picked out this lamp shade from target, which we all loved and thought would look beautiful in my clients teenage girl's blue bedroom.

                                                  Threshold Lamp Shade-Flocked Yellow Large

My clients decided to go to target and find a lamp base themselves. They texted me this picture first which I didn't like. I didn't think that the gray glass base worked well with that lamp. It did not highlight the unique design of the lamp shade well.

I didn't  like the one below as well. 
The lamp base is too traditional for that contemporary lamp shade. Also the colors do not relate well. 

I suggested they look for a white base, which would relate to the white in the lamp shade.
A few seconds after they texted me the picture below, I texted back "YES!!!", and that was it. done! less then 20 min of my time.

Here it is in her room (I will update the picture once I'm able to take pictures myself)

My point - if you shop by yourself and cannot make decisions you will be happy about, a short, phone based help from a designer can save you time, money and best of all, help you create a beautiful home and stay in budget.
If you find yourself in overwhelming stores like Ikea, target or any other home furnishing stores, that do not provide experienced designer help, call, text or email me ahead of time or while you shop. To help you make better decisions, it's best to call ahead of time, so I can get as much information about your home improvement project, so I can  better help you make the right decisions while you shop.

If you'd like help with color, decorating and interior design, please don't hesitate to contact me for your free initial consultation.

Happy Holidays,

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