Thursday, August 15, 2013


You've probably seen these two classic patterns before: on a men's twill jacket, a brick pathway or a fabric.  Herringbone is a classic pattern that looks like a broken zigzag and it's name comes from the shape of the Herring fish's skeleton.

Chevron is simply a zigzag pattern and it's extremely trendy right now in home decor. Everywhere you look, it's there - on rugs, pillows, curtains etc. Depending on the scale of the pattern and the contrasting colors, it can be a very subtle or bold. A small scaled pattern in neutral colors such as in the rug below will create a subtle effect vs. the bold effect of large scale, contrasting color chevron pillow or curtain.

Jute Chenille Herringbone Rug

These trendy pillows are everywhere, and like with spices, a little goes a long way. The large scale pattern with contrasting color/white combination is extremely bold, so better use them in moderation (pillows, throws), curtains. Also, keep in mind that you might get tired of them after a while, so an expensive chair reupholstering project might not be the right choice. 

A single pillow in large scaled chevron pattern and bright colors can enough "pizzaz" to wake up an otherwise static room.
When decorating with a mostly neutral palette, adding texture through pattern is a great way to make it interesting and intriguing to the eye. Both herringbone and chevron can be used at home not only as fabric patterns but also for larger areas such as flooring or a back-splash.
Here are some ideas :
Wood flooring

Style At Home Erins Kitchen 8234_2.jpg

wall paper

Any other patterns you love? please share