Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Last minute Thanksgiving table styling ideas or the rest of us

Let’s face it. Most of us aren’t exactly the “Martha Stewart” type, but, from time to time, we’d still like to put together a festive tablescape, hopefully without too much fuss.

In case you happened to browse pinterest for Thanksgiving table styling ideas, you’ve probably noticed that many of the photos seem dated and overdone.

Why is that?

The current home décor trend is all about “fresh” and fun: pops of bright colors, geometric patterns and white or gray backdrop. The previous trend of earthy muted colors is long gone, so any table decor photos you’ll find online that are too earthy or muted may look dated.

So, now what?

To create a pretty Thanksgiving table follow these guidelines:

1. Browse my pinterest inspiration board for tablescape ideas and pick one or two!

2. Use natural elements for your décor – branches, leaves, goards, apples, oranges, mini pumpkins. Seasonal fruit like oranges and apples can work as well.

fall-tablescape - Julie Blanner entertaining & home design that celebrates life

3.  Repeat, repeat, repeat – repetition is a powerful design trick, which also makes it simpler to design. Limit your color pallet to neutrals and one or two accent colors. Even the simple setting of similar plates, place mats and glasses can create a “designer look”.

mini pumpkins and mums

4. Don’t overdo – less is more.

5. Avoid the single centerpiece on a long table look. Instead, spread your décor over the length of your dining table, and keep it low so your guests can see each other while conversing. Check out my pinterest board for ideas

6. Expose your table and use place mats and a runner.

Copper Charm - ELLEDecor.com

7. Avoid the single-centerpiece-on-a-long-table look. Instead, spread your décorations over the length of the table, and keep it low so your guests can see each other while conversing. 

8. Vary heights – add a few taller elements

9. When in doubt, pick white or off white – If you’re buying candles, dinnerware or a table cloth, white will always work. You can always add color with napkins, placemats, flowers etc.

10. Use what you have but be consistent –  smaller flower arrangements with your collection of glass jars can work just as well as fancy store bought jars.

#dahlias in little #jars - #pretty

for more ideas to decorate your Thanksgiving table , check out my pinterest board

Happy Thanksgiving!