Friday, November 16, 2018

The power of visualization

If you ever had to select furniture, lighting or any other home decor item, weeding out the “ugly” options must have been a fairly easy task, but selecting the "best" choice out of many good ones may have been a completely different story - confusing, overwhelming or even anxiety-inducing. True?

Imagine this scenario - you need to select a dinning set, and you've narrowed down your choices to four options. What if you could see a visualization of your favorite four options in your own space? would that help you decide which one looks the best? you bet!
Once I realized that most of my clients had trouble visualizing my design ideas, and that it was the number one reason for their indecision, I began using a variety of tools to help them visualize.
My "go-to" tool for selecting specific items is super imposing them onto an existing photograph of a room.
For example, a recent kitchen remodel project involved selecting a new dining table and chairs for the dining area. We decided that a round table would work best for the space.
Below you can see how the kitchen/dining area looked like BEFORE adding the table and chairs:

To help my clients visualize my design ideas, and ultimately choose which one to go with, I created super-impositions of the table and chair combinations, like these ones below.


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