Monday, November 12, 2018

Walking the fine line between trendy and timeless design

Every time we redecorate or renovate our homes, we often follow the current design fashion. It's what we are surrounded with everywhere - online, in stores or our friends newly renovated home. It's not good or bad, it's just something we do without much awareness.

Fast forward 5-10 years later and that oh-so-current bathroom we've just renovated, looks dated. How come? design trends have a shelf life of up to 10 years, and most of us have no idea if we are at the beginning, middle or tail end of a design trend. 

Yet, fashion is fresh and exciting, and bringing some of it into our surroundings can bring us joy and excitement.

So how do you walk the path between classic & timeless versus trendy and current?

1.     Understand the difference between classic & timeless design vs. trendy
This is a good way to start out! You can educate yourself on the topic via Google and other resources or seek the help of an experienced designer. 
Once you understand the difference between current and classic design, it will be easier to make conscious decisions on which path to choose when selecting new furniture, accessories, or which finishes to choose when renovating your kitchen or bathrooms.
1.      When in doubt, stick to the classics
This is a good rule of thumb when you get a little confused or indecisive. When you are not sure you’re going to still like that tile or countertop 3 years from now, stay on the safe side and take the tried and true path, even if it looks somewhat “boring” and not unique enough. Choose mostly neutral colors and keep your lines clean-looking and simple, and you’ll avoid regret down the road.

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1.      Go trendy with accent pieces and accessories
Are you in love with a particular color, metal finish, or pattern that’s currently all over magazines and in stores? Pick some affordable or inexpensive accessories with a pattern or color you love right now (pillows, rugs, and other fun decor). Those are easy to replace when the fad changes or when you get tired of them. Lighting fixtures are another area of design where you can go with a current choice, as they are fairly inexpensive to replace, yet catch people’s eye and make a statement!


1.     The wallet test
If you’re planning an expensive remodeling project such as redoing your kitchen or bathroom, or even purchasing custom furniture, you’re going to have to live with the choices you made for quite a while. Most of what you see today featured in stores or magazines will look dated in 5-10 years. Once again, invest in a timeless design approach, but accessorize with a trendier one.

1.      Go with what you love regardless of trends
Use your inner filter to decipher what you love vs. what you don’t regardless of what’s trendy or classic. If you always loved teals and aquas even before they became trendy, go ahead and invest in that teal sofa. Chances are you are still going to love it even after the trend had passed. The same goes for what you dislike. If you never loved gray and haven’t warmed up to this modern-looking color, then don’t paint your walls gray just because half your neighborhood did. 


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